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Stylish Sunglasses for Extended Eyelashes

Don't avoid the beautiful sunshine just because your lashes make it impossible to wear your favorite shades comfortably! With a pair of our sunglasses, you can show off your incredible lashes in any weather, rain or shine. Shop in our online store today to find sunglasses for extended eyelashes.

Large Clear Glasses

Uniquely Gorgeous

Our glasses are about more than practicality; they also make a unique and stunning addition to any accessory collection—with or without false eyelashes! Every single pair we sell is custom-made, distinctive, and created with the highest quality of glass. We even offer polarized lenses as one of our many options. This option greatly reduces glare and can even create a beautiful rainbow effect.

Every pair you purchase comes with a custom case and cloth, allowing you to keep your glasses safe and clean wherever you travel. Place your order today.

3D and 5D Lashes
Nova K Sunglasses
Nova K Pink

How They Work

It's our mission to make it comfortable to wear eyelash extensions with sunglasses. The solution is simple: our sunglasses feature a special groove in the glass, creating the extra space your lashes need. Now you can achieve the look you want without sacrificing comfort!

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